Help! I Don’t Know What To Say!

When a person is experiencing grief because someone close to them has died, he or she needs their friends, family, and work family to serve as a support system. Sometimes friends do not know what to say. And that is quite understandable. I have provided a few simple DO's and DONT's based on what I... Continue Reading →

Where Is God In The Coronavirus?

Where is God during the coronavirus pandemic?  In the same place He was before the pandemic started.  He resides in Heaven, yet is longing to be a part of your personal life and enjoy a daily love relationship with you.  In other words, He wants to do life with you. Now that many major establishments... Continue Reading →

Love Gifts

Have you ever experienced deep pain to the point you were desperately in need of God's love?  I felt that way back in 2009 after the unexpected loss of my boyfriend of six years.   At the time I had been grieving the loss of my second boyfriend who had passed away and the pain... Continue Reading →

Spend Time With Jesus Every Day

Did you know you can enjoy a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ every single day?  I don't mean just performing spiritual activities...I mean you can enjoy a LOVE relationship with Him, even when you are not at church. My mom reminded me of the old song "Every Day With Jesus" a few days... Continue Reading →

Kelli Horn Grieve the way you want Know what to expect Don’t ignore your grief Don’t let anyone take your grief away from you Run to Jesus Be determined to “keep on keeping on” daily Ask God “Why?” When the pain is deep, “Why?” is the most natural question to ask Jesus Christ asked God... Continue Reading →

Sleeping With The Enemy

He was supposed to be destroying the enemy, but instead he was sleeping with it. Samson, the man mentioned in the book of Judges in the Holy Bible, was supposed to be set apart to God from birth until death and start the deliverance of the Israelites from the cruel oppression of the Philistines. His... Continue Reading →


Written in February 1993 Depression That’s what I’ve got. That empty, helpless, draining feeling. Fatigued, not much energy left within me. Some people don’t understand it. Sure, I should be sad about Melody and Rob dying. You know, they were my sister and my boyfriend. But that was in October and November of 1992. Four... Continue Reading →

Monday Through Saturday

Many people attend church on Sunday as their spiritual contribution to God, those who attend, and those in our community. But what if I told you that God was more concerned about Monday through Saturday?  "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile" says... Continue Reading →

A Child Loaned

A memorial service is the one and only time you have to bring public honor to your loved one after they have passed away. It is like a final gift you can give to them. At the end of my sister Melody's funeral, my mom and dad read a poem which reflected how they felt.... Continue Reading →

Life Challenges Are A Hidden Treasure

  If life challenges are a treasure, why do very few people desire it? Why isn't everyone searching for it?  When I think of treasure, I think of diamonds, mansions, lots of money, etc.  I would not naturally say that life challenges, such as grief, are a treasure, especially since so much pain is involved... Continue Reading →

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